St. Barts

New Exhibition

Photo Exhibition in St Barthelemy

For those of you in St Barts for the Bucket Regatta this year, you may want to check out a new photo exhibition at the Brigantin Museum (Dinzy House) in Gustavia.

The exhibition, which opened on the 16th of March, features the top 10 images from the 56 submitted to this years “Beauty of Sail “ competition, organized by St. Barts, Gustavia Yacht Club.

"Checkmate" Original Photo by Phil Uhl


Fortunately, my photo of Monte Livingston's CHECKMATE, from the 1984 Pan Am Clipper Cup was included in the top 10. The image was also awarded third place, by the President of the Collective of St Barts, Mr Bruno Magras, during the award ceremony at the museum on opening day. Steve Lapkin’s shot of SHOCKWAVE was the first place winner, with Pierick Jeannoutot photo of MOONBEAM, taking second.

The framed original photographs will be auctioned on Friday the 18th. with the proceeds to benefit the St. Barts, SNSM. The SNSM (standing for Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer) is the national lifeboat association in France and it’s territories.


New Gallery for reproductions

Reproductions now available

"Departure from Diamond Head" by Phil Uhl

Departure for Diamond Head

I have authorized the production of a limited collection of  reproductions of some of my original fine art and paintings. They are  available for purchase directly through the new "Reproductions" gallery that  has been added to the website. 

After purchase, a signed certificate of authenticity will be mailed to each purchaser.

"Windward Sands" by Phil Uhl

"Windward Sands" by Phil Uhl

The reproductions will be created as state of the art CHROMALUXE Metal Prints. I have chosen this process, due to the color reproduction, durability, and overall quality of the new process. The scratch, water, and fire resistant prints, are available in gloss or mat finish, in two sizes: 12 x 18, and 16 x 24.

One of the best things about Chromaluxe prints is that they do not need a frame. After purchase, a signed certificate will be mailed to each purchaser.


New Exhibition

Photo Exhibition in Monaco

Untitled photo

After a year of delays, as a result of the Covid situation, the top ten images from the inaugural Gustavia Yacht Club, International Photo Competition, will be on exhibition during this years Monaco Yacht  Show.

The organizers invited the worlds professional yachting photographers to enter just one photo they believe  best illustrates the contests theme "The beauty of sail".

A total of 56 photographers from 18 countries  submitted images to the international jury.  Ten of the images, including my aerial shot of the three masted schooner ADIX, were selected for the exhibition.

The 213' three masted schooner ADIX by Phil Uhl


The exhibition will be held in the Stelios Foundation auditorium, during the Monaco Yacht Show, from September 17 to September 25. On September 23rd,  a prize giving ceremony with awards for 1st., 2nd., and 3rd., place, as well as a charity auction of the exhibited photographs, to benefit the local SNSM, will take place .

The SNSM (Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer)  is a French voluntary organization founded in 1967 . Its task is saving lives at sea around the French coast, including the overseas departments and territories.

Zenda, Wisconsin:

Buddy Melges Documentary

The Wizard of ZENDA

For nearly a year now I have been assisting with the production of a documentary on world renowned sailor, Buddy Melges, also known as the "Wizzard of Zenda".

As the Director of Television Services for the America 3 Foundation from 1991 through 2001, I produced hundreds of hours of video footage that is now buried deep in the climate controlled vaults of the Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum in Connecticut.

Even though it has been nearly 30 years since I created the images in the archive, I have been able to recall enough to help director Mark Honer, locate any particular footage he may need for the program.

Buddy Melges, who won an Olympic gold medal in 72, and a Bronze medal in 64, served, along with Bill Koch and David Dellenbaugh, as helmsmen in 1992 when we won the America’s Cup. He also worked with the America 3 Women’s Team as one of the primary trainers in 1995.

Bill Koch, Buddy Melges, Dave Dellenbaugh and Bill Rogers (?)

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Miyazaki Japan:

New Client Instalation

"HILO BAY" by Phil Uhl

Untitled photo

I would like to welcome our new client, Yuge Clinic, that opened recently in Miyazaki, Japan. My latest digital painting "Hilo Bay" was installed in the Waiting Room area of the modern,  newly constructed, building. UHL Studios Hawaii would like to wish them the best of luck with their new medical facility.

The new YUGE CLINIC in Miyazaki

Untitled photo


Yacht Racing Image of the Century

"Morning Light"

Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image of the Century

My photo of “Morning Light”, the Transpac 52 from Roy and Leslie Disney’s film of the same name, is up for the “Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image of the Century”. It is one of a short list of 80 photographs that were selected by the international jury, from images submitted by the worlds yacht racing photographers.

In addition to the main competition for Image of the Century, there is a popular vote competition, via facebook, starting October 15,  and ending on November 10th. If you want to see some of the best sailing photography in the world, be sure and check it out -and vote,  for your favorite. Here is the link .


International Yacht Racing Photo Archives 

Due to increased demand for prints of images posted on Facebook user groups, I have put up a new gallery featuring a growing selection of those images.

Visitors to the gallery will be able to view, and order prints, directly from the new gallery.

Paper, Canvas, and Metal prints up to 16” x 24” are available with shipping direct from the lab in California. Images will be added as they are reprocessed for the larger file sizes necessary to provide this service.

So for all my friends that may be looking for a unique, one of a kind, gift for your favorite "Senior Sailor" please stop by and take a look at what is available.

International Yacht Racing Archive


2020 Contemporary Photography Exhibition

The Twelfth Annual Survey Exhibition

Sponsored by Pacific New Media Foundation

Was very pleased to hear that two of my images were selected by juror, Maika Pollack for this years "Contemporary Photography in Hawai`i Exhibition". The annual exhibition provides a snapshot of the state of the art of photography in Hawai`i. Maika Pollack, is Director and Chief Curator, of the John Young Museum of Art and University Galleries at the University of Hawai`i Manoa.

It was also a nice surprise to learn that my photo "Splendor & Joy" was a recipient of Kaimuki Camera's " Gift Award"

"Rising Sons & Daughters" by Phil Uhl

This juried exhibition was open to all artists in Hawaii using photographic processes: analog or digital, color or B&W, alternative processes and mixed media explorations.

For the first time ever, due to the Covid situation, this year’s exhibition will be entirely ONLINE, and has been expanded to feature two components: 1. A juried selection of individual images selected from individual entries. 2. A set of juried portfolios consisting of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 images.

The exhibition can be viewed here.

Washington DC:

Smithsonian Permanent Collection

Sanctuary by the Sea

A couple years ago I produced a large coffee table book of photographs for one of my clients. She had just completed a 10 year construction project relating to her property on the slopes of Diamond Head. The original property consisted of two mid-century art deco homes on a steep hillside of about 1 acre of land. One of the homes was not salvageable, and removed. The other was redesigned and completely renovated to the highest standards. The surrounding property, all the way to the bottom of the hillside, was turned into a magnificent garden.

Sanctuary by the Sea

The local chapter of the Garden Club of America, upon seeing the book, suggested submitting images of the project to the Archives of American Gardens held in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.

All the paper work was completed and a selection of 19 of my photos from the book were submitted. In March, we were informed that the submission had been accepted by the Smithsonian. This is a great honor, as well as the attainment of a long time goal, for me as a photographer. My work has been exhibited at the National Museum of Natural History, but until now, it has not been included in any of their permanent collections.

The gallery of "Sanctuary by the Sea"  photos can be seen here:



Yacht Racing

Photo Archives


Having an Art Studio and Gallery on Kalakaua Avenue in Honolulu has been a major challenge for the past 4 months due to the loss of visitors. The last plan by the government, was to lift the 14 day quarantine, that is mandatory for tourists, on August 1st. Unfortunately, the major outbreaks of Covid 19 on the mainland have convinced the Governor to extend that date to September.  So it looks like we will have to endure for a while longer.  

Kialoa III in the 1978 Pan Am Clipper Cup

Since business has been so slow, I deceided it might be a good time to start organizing my  100,000 plus, 35mm slide collection, which I had been putting off for years. I decided to just  jump in and start digitizing whatever I thought was worth preserving.  By chance, my good friend and local / international sailing mate, Woodii Carr, sent me an e-mail asking if I had any photos from the old days that I would like to share. Good Timing to say the least !

Mistress Quickly 1978 Pan Am Clipper Cup

Anyway, I started digging into the thousands of old Kodachrome yellow boxes and clear slide pages that have been following me around for over 40 years, and the memories started flowing like a river that had not seen rain for months.  

For the last 6 weeks or so, I have been scanning, cleaning, and spending hours correcting any photos that I want to save. The ones that I felt would be enjoyable to the FB group are  sent to Woodii, who  posts them on his, and other FB sailing pages. The most enjoyable one for me is the user group " IBNA Yachting Professionals, from the 70s,80s, and 90s."  

The group consists of about 5,000, mostly ex-professional yachting people, from around the world. The good news is that the bulk of the photos in my collection were of, or about, people and events  that this group experienced in their past. It has been a lot of fun sharing so many wonderful memories of the people,  events, places, and boats  from the past.  The members have also  been a real help to me in identifying many of the details of the old images that I had forgotten over the years.

Vancouver :

New book by Ron Holland

All the Oceans by Ron Holland

Untitled photo

Just finished reading the new book "All the Oceans" by yacht designer Ron Holland that arrived last week. Definitely one of the most enjoyable reads in a while. This is an adventure story that is hard to put down once you start reading it.

Ron, his designers and editors,  did a remarkable job putting this together. The first thing that impressed me was the overall look -and the size. Most books of this type are oversized and never seem to fit in the limited space I have to store things. This one is less than 10 inches square and perfect, as far as I am concerned. The use of type, photos, graphics, and overall design is excellent as well.  

If you are interested in yacht design, or were involved  with competitive yacht racing during the 70s, 80s, and 90s, you will enjoy reading -and owning, this book.

Nolan Bushnell's Holland design "Charlie" First to finish, 1983 TRANSPAC


After failing at high school,  Ron completed his first ocean sailing voyage at the age of 15, then started a wooden boatbuilding apprenticeship at 16.  His first yacht design was launched when he was 19, and in 1973, at 26 years of age, Ron won a world championship with his first racing yacht design.

This memoir, 70 years in the making, reflects on successes and failures of a life lived to the max. The Ron Holland story is about what can happen if we say yes to opportunities that are presented as we go through life.

Ron Holland and Doug Petersen

Untitled photo

The book is available from Amazon or  from a number of local retailers listed on the Ron Holland Yacht Design website.


New Gallery Affiliation   (Now Closed)

The Gallelry at HAWAII Theatre

The Hawaii Theatre

Untitled photo

Proclaimed as the "Pride of the Pacific," the beautiful Hawaii Theatre, built by the Consolidated Amusement Company, opened its doors September 6, 1922 in downtown Honolulu. The Hawaii Theatre operated as a showplace for vaudeville, plays, musicals and silent films until it fell into disrepair and the land lease was abandoned by Consolidated in 1984. In 1986, the Hawaii Theatre Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation was formed to save the Hawaii Theatre from the wrecking ball and in May 1996, the Hawaii Theatre reopened its doors as a 1400-seat, multi-purpose, state-of-the art performance center.

The Hawaii Theatre was recognized as the 'Outstanding Historic Theatre in America' in 2005 by the League of Historic American Theatres and, in 2006, was awarded an Honor Award by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Listed on both the State and National Registers of Historic Places, the Hawaii Theatre is available for all of Hawaii to enjoy.

The director of the Hawaii Theatre Center, Greg Dunn asked me if I would be willing to join a number of other artists in a new gallery he had created in the ground floor space at the corner of Bethel and Pauahi Street. The Hawaii Theatre Center, a 501c3 non profit corporation ,  would run the gallery, thus 40 to 50 percent of the proceeds from any art sale would go to support the  continued renovation and maintenance of the Theater.

Untitled photo

"Voyagers" Portrait of Nainoa Thompson by Phil Uhl

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