If you happen to be in town on Friday the 14th of December, please stop by our booth at  SUNSET MELE on the third floor of the Hawaii Convention Center. The Convention Center is on Kapiolani Blvd. at Kalakaua. The event, which runs from 4pm until 9pm, will feature a free movie,  live entertainment, many arts and crafts people, and local food. -Might be a good place to pick up some unique, "Made in Hawaii" Christmas gifts.


Hokule'a Hawaii Convention Center

Tokyo Japan

Architectural Institute of Japan Museum

AACA Annual Exhibition in Tokyo

During my Solo Exhibition at the Frederick Harris Gallery in Tokyo last June, I was fortunate to meet two members of the Artists, Architects, and Craftsmen Association.

The AACA's purpose is to connect artists and craftsmen with architects and developers who are looking for artwork and sculpture for new construction projects in and around Tokyo. The organization holds an annual exhibition / competition at the Architectural Institute of Japan Museum in central Tokyo.

The AACA members visiting my show suggested that some of my work would be appropriate for the AACA exhibition, so they invited me to join. I took them up on the offer and in August, decided to enter "Race Day"  in their Exhibition / Competition. 


The Digital Painting "Race Day"  Limited edition original print (#5/25)  on canvas  

"Race Day" was accepted  by the jury, so I decided to return to Japan in Late October for the Exhibition.

There were about 50 works in the show, along with a number of architectural models of buildings where the chosen artworks would be placed.  Reccommendation Awards are given to works chosen by the judges for placement in the new projects. Winning  art work / sculpture will be installed in the participating buildings for a period of one year. When the year is over the developer will make a decision to either purchase the work, or return it to the artist. 

During the awards ceremony, I was pleasantly suprised to receive a Reccommendation Award for  "Race Day". 

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