Pride of America

I was very pleased to see that Pacific Maritime Magazine has chosen two of my photos for their 2020 "Working on the Water" calendar. I thought that the shot of the Coast Guard passing by "Pride of Hawaii"  was a great choice for the cover photo. 

Honolulu Harbor

For April, they used this shot of a busy afternoon in Honolulu Harbor.  

Calendars are available from the Pacific Maritime Magazine store.



"Katsue Inoue and Friends"

Koichi Ebizuka

I was very fortunate to have been invited by noted Tokyo print maker and teacher, Katsue Inoue, to exhibit 4 of my works in an exhibition with her and 13 of her artist / friends.

The event, which ended on November 19th, took place in the lobby gallery of the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku.

Katsue Inoue

Sei Kato

The show featured works by:Hiroko Koshino, Shuhei Ryou, Koichi Ebizuka, Gen Yamanaka, Sei Kato, Atsuko Yasukouchi, Yoichi Kenmoku, Phil Uhl, Hitoshi Mihara, Kazuo Hasegawa, Hideaki Nakamura, Takami Sano, Judy Ongg Bioclr, Louise Rouse, and Katsue Inoue

Hiroko Koshino, Yoshiko Nishidate, Katsue Inoue

During the show, I was able to meet with over 40 friends and collectors from Japan who were able to stop by and visit.

I also enjoyed meeting and getting to know so many of the other artists taking part in the exhibition. Most of the artists exhibiting  were involved in printmaking, so I was able to learn a lot about traditional Japanese printmaking as well.


Atsuko Yasukouchi

Kazuo Hasegawa

Phil Uhl

Takami Sano

Hitoshi Mihara



Hawaii State Art Museum

Phil Uhl _______ 1,861 Views of Leahi

Phil Uhl

Hundreds of people were on hand on September 6th, for the opening reception of IN HAWAII at the Hawaii State Art Museum.

I would like to congratulate the selection committee and the HISAM staff for putting together what I believe is one of the best local art exhibitions we have had in Honolulu over the past few years.

IN HAWAII, is a great example of the kind of event that we have been missing lately in Honolulu. The multi-themed exhibition and festive opening reception reminded me of the original “Artists of Hawaii’ events that used to take place at the Honolulu Art Museum, (Academy of Art) before they unfortunately, in my opinion, changed the format.

Jean Charlot "Ko Ke Kumulipo" (The Drummer)," 1954

In HAWAII is a wonderful opportunity for young and old, residents, and visitors, to see actual original works of some of the states best known and revered artists.

Over 65 works were selected from the “Art in Public Places Collection” of the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts. The exhibition includes paintings, photographs, sculpture, ceramics and glass works, that present a visual showcase of the rich diversity of creative content produced over multiple decades in Hawaii. Many of the artists exhibited are no longer with us and, were it not for HISAM, could be in danger of being forgotten by new generations.

Fortunately, IN HAWAII will be up for at least a year, so if you find yourself downtown with some time on your hands, you might want to stop by this beautiful Museum, where admission is always free to everyone.

Madge Tennent "Hula Girl in National Flowers"

Saturo Abe "Seasons" 1991, "Tall old Tree" 1984

The Hawaii State Art Museum is located at 1 Capitol District Building, at 250 South Hotel St, just across the Street from the State

808-586-9959 or 808-586-0300


There is no parking on site. Paid parking is available nearby at the Aliʻi Place building (parking ramp entrance at 1099 Alakea St), Kalanimoku Building, Kinau Hale/Department of Health, State Capitol Basement (metered parking only) Honolulu City Municipal Parking, and metered street parking in the area.

Museum Hours:

Monday -Saturday from 10am to 4pm except for State and Federal Holidays. The phone number is 808-586-0900

Tokyo Japan

New Exhibition in Japan Announced


My good friend Katsue Inoue, one of the best known women  printmakers in Tokyo, has invited me to join her, as well as some of her other artist friends, in a 8 day group exhibition.  

The event will take place in the lobby gallery of the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, from November 11, to 19th. The exhibition will be open to the public from 10am to 7pm daily. The Keio Plaza Hotel is located in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government  Building, just outside Tochomae Station,  or only 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.

For my friends and collectors in Tokyo please stop by and say hi if you have time.  I plan to be in Tokyo for the duration of the exhibition.



“IN HAWAII” Hawaii State Art Museum




I was very happy to receive word  that my original Photograph, "1,861 views of Leahi", that normally hangs in the Hawaii State Capitol, has been selected as one of the artworks to be included in the Hawaii State Art Museum’s new exhibit “IN HAWAII”. The exhibition will open to the public on the evening of Friday Sept. 6th and run for at least one year. Everyone is invited to the exhibitions opening reception that will take place in conjunction with the Museum’s September First Friday celebration, from 6 to 9 pm.

“IN HAWAII” reflects the rich diversity of creative vision found in the State, exploring themes of influence, innovation, inspiration, insight and inquiry.

The Exhibition will feature a selection of artworks from the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts “Art in Public Places”  Collection.

Over 60 Hawaii Artists, including, Satoru Abe, Carol Bennet, Allyn Bromley, Jean Charlot, Isami Doi, Christopher Edwards, Juliette May Fraser, Sally French, Ka-Ning Fong, Francis Haar, D. Howard Hitchcock, Pegge Hopper, Diana Nicholette Jeon, John Tanji Koga, Wayne Levin, Marcia Morse, Tetsuo Ochikubo, Franco Salmoiraghi, Tadashi Sato, Bruna Stude, Reuben Tam, Madge Tennent, Harry Tsuchidana, -and many others, will be on display in the Museum’s Ewa Gallery on the 2nd floor. Many of the artists will be in attendance at the opening reception.

The Hawaii State Art Museum is located at 1 Capitol District Building, at 250 South Hotel St, just across the Street from the State Capitol.

808-586-9959 or 808-586-0300



If you happen to be in town on Friday the 30th of August, please stop by our booth at  SUNSET MELE on the third floor of the Hawaii Convention Center. The Convention Center is on Kapiolani Blvd. at Kalakaua, right across from my studio. The event, which runs from 4pm until 9pm, will feature a free movie,  live entertainment, many arts and crafts people, and local food. -Might be a good place to see unique, "Made in Hawaii" gifts.

Century Center and the Hawaii Convention Center

Hawaii Convention Center


Transpac 50 Design ©2019 Phil Uhl

TRANSPAC 50 Tee Shirt

TRANSPAC 50 Designs for Waikiki Yacht Club

I have just completed two new designs for Waikiki Yacht Club's, TRANSPAC 50 Tee Shirts. The first one illustrates the change in the design of participating yachts between 1906 and 2019. The second design reflects the start off of San Pedro, CA., and the many types of  both racing and crusing yachts that participate.

This year is the 50th Anniversary  race from LosAngeles to Honolulu.  Originally conceived by Hawaii's King Kalakaua in 1897, the first race  was scheduled to start from San Francisco in 1906. Unfortunately, due to the great San Francisco earthquake, the race had to be post phoned, and the start moved to Los Angeles. 

Transpac 50 Design ©2019 Phil Uhl


Tokyo Japan

Architectural Institute of Japan Museum

AACA Annual Exhibition in Tokyo

During my Solo Exhibition at the Frederick Harris Gallery in Tokyo last June, I was fortunate to meet two members of the Artists, Architects, and Craftsmen Association.

The AACA's purpose is to connect artists and craftsmen with architects and developers who are looking for artwork and sculpture for new construction projects in and around Tokyo. The organization holds an annual exhibition / competition at the Architectural Institute of Japan Museum in central Tokyo.

The AACA members visiting my show suggested that some of my work would be appropriate for the AACA exhibition, so they invited me to join. I took them up on the offer and in August, decided to enter "Race Day"  in their Exhibition / Competition. 


The Digital Painting "Race Day"  Limited edition original print (#5/25)  on canvas  

"Race Day" was accepted  by the jury, so I decided to return to Japan in Late October for the Exhibition.

There were about 50 works in the show, along with a number of architectural models of buildings where the chosen artworks would be placed.  Reccommendation Awards are given to works chosen by the judges for placement in the new projects. Winning  art work / sculpture will be installed in the participating buildings for a period of one year. When the year is over the developer will make a decision to either purchase the work, or return it to the artist. 

During the awards ceremony, I was pleasantly suprised to receive a Reccommendation Award for  "Race Day". 

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